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Reality of today’s education

Teachers have, are, and will continue to be the backbone of the education system, times have changed. With changing times come new challenges. Teachers cannot face new challenges with the same old tools.

There is a close relationship between education and social change: education is needed to change society and education must change as society changes. Every stakeholder in the system needs to evolve to meet the demands of change or the change becomes redundant

How to handle challenges faced by today’s teachers?

There are major challenges that our teachers are facing today in order to meet with the demands of teaching – learning process in their classrooms. They are no longer the dispensers of knowledge.

We at Spring Ahead will help teachers to ………………………

Meet the needs of diverse learners in the same classroom?

Move beyond traditional teaching methods to create collaborative learning?

Develop curriculum that’s content-rich and challenging but also engaging.

Cope with inadequate resources?

Handle demanding parents and their expectations?

Teach the gifted child and the child that has special needs?

Remain lifelong learners to acquire new skills (eg. ICT)?

‘’What does it mean when we say the Government College of Teacher Education has completed 100 years?’’ The question was posed by former President A P J Abdul Kalam to teacher educators seated in front of him in the college hall. He gave the answer too: ‘’It means the college has orbited 100 times around the Sun.’’ What else to expect from the missile man, the crowd cracked into a cheer


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