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Understanding Next Generation

Future ready schools Getting an A has been the major part of the schooling system. It clearly emphasized on the theoretical part of learning being explained by teachers, through notes and students are expected to know that information word by word if they have to have a good grade.
This has become imperative and lot of research has gone into the education system on newer ways of approach of preparing the children for the future by imparting certain amount of practical knowledge.

We @ springahead support the schools to transform in the following domains

Domain Present School Future Ready School
Extent of Learning Students follow learning Students explore learning
Student participation Students passive Students active
Method of learning Competitive Collaborative
Learning choice Learning alone Learning cooperatively
Learning depth Know subject Know student
Teacher role Source of knowledge Source of guidance
Approach Left brain (factual) Left and right brain (logical)
Assimilation Head level Heart level
Purpose of learning Cover syllabus Ensure learning
Value education Through additional programme Through integration into subjects
Process of learning Memory Imagination, analysis and judgment
Evaluator Teacher evaluates students Students evaluates self
Evaluation Academic evaluation Comprehensive evaluation
End product Academic excellence Human excellence
Programs Pre- Primary Program
Primary Program
Secondary Program
Teacher’s Professional Development Program
Services Academic Execution & Performance Profiling
Non-Academic And Administrative Services
Marketing & Business Development
Environment Academic R&D And Resource Development
Teacher’s Professional Development
Administration & Coordination
Marketing & Business Development
Execution & Profiling


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