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Education is not just a ladder of opportunity, but is also an
investment in our future.

Invest Smart = Start A School

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Understanding the Opportunity

  • Education has become a fundamental need for better life and lives are becoming better and smarter
  • A country growing by average 1.5 crore population per year where 96 % of the new population are getting educated.
  • We need another 2 lakh schools in next five years to sustain with the population and the economic growth.
  • School education sector has got higher success rate in termsof growth than other sectors.
  • Nuclear families with better earnings investing more into child education.
  • No conditions on numbers growth and revenue growth by the regulatory bodies.
  • Affordable workforce and operational expenses giving scopefor better margins and faster return on investments.
  • A sector which is being actively funded and growing by 18% average per year. Expected to grow from US$96 billion current day to US$144 billion by 2020.
  • A sector which contributes to community development and always valued socially.

Why Partner with Spring Ahead Education?

  • We partner to run existing schools as well as brand new schools
  • Real-time experience with over 500 schools
  • Research based resources, procedures, processes and expertise
  • Only company with an overall execution mechanism whichhelps the school develop academically, functionally and by business value
  • Real-time support environment with academic R&D team,teachers' professional development team, execution hand holding team and marketing team.
  • Only model which completely and continuously hand holds a school starting from pre-primary level to a high school effectively to ensure value and growth
  • An intelligent model which guides to reduce your capital and operational expenditure and build faster turnaround.
  • A model which partners exclusively per area and stands liable to develop the school by customer value and growth.
  • A company with right vision, mission and values to partner and win.

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